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Speaking of History ...

The idea

The idea of founding the company was broached in 2011 with the intention of providing hour-long historical talks on local topics for people in Swansea and the south-west Wales area. It wasn’t long, however, before that idea grew to provide talking books on a much wider selection of historical topics. Our early topics will comprise subjects that are talks delivered to district historical societies in south-west Wales and have proved popular enough to encourage the idea of recording them.

The reality

Following those early discussions, Christopher James researched and wrote the item entitled Joseph Parry: A Welshman of Note, which talks about the life of, arguably, Wales’s finest composer. Colin Wheldon James (great-grandson of Joseph Parry’s cousin) was then engaged to narrate the story. The audio engineering was ably carried out by David Liscombe Audio (Swansea, SA5 7DJ), who also dealt with the labelling and packaging of the CDs, for which we owe a great deal of thanks.

Since then, we have produced five more titles: Health and Death in 19th-century Swansea,The Role of the Supernatural in the First Crusade, The Marcher Lordship of Gower and the Foundation of Medieval Swansea, A Short History of Swansea Castle, Gwyrosydd: the story of Daniel James, the poet who wrote ‘Calon Lân’, and The Rebecca Riots: Social unrest in 19th-century south-west Wales; and we’ve issued revised editions of Joseph Parry: a Welshman of Note and The Story of Swansea Castle.

Whether you listen to these discs at home, in the car, or wherever, we hope you will feel both informed and entertained.

Christopher James BSc(Hons)


Colin Wheldon James

BA(Hons), DipLH, FHA, AssocRICS