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Our purpose is to provide historical information in audio form, not aimed at academics, but provided for the everyday person who just enjoys history. Of course, academics are welcome to listen, too.

Welcome to Pastoral Audiobooks

Our products comprise historical topics on CD: talking books that give concise accounts of people, events or general overviews of the past in an easy-listening style, each lasting the best part of an hour.

The company is still very much in its infancy, so we have a limited range at present. However, over the coming months, that range will grow. You can read about our current audiobooks in the pages that follow.

Second editions of our CDs Joseph Parry, a Welshman of Note and The Story of Swansea Castle have now been released. And we’ve very recently released The Rebecca Riots.

We’ve entered into an association with Radio Tircoed in the Swansea area. The station broadcasts on 106.5 FM, so if you can pick up the signal, listen out for us later in the year. And our sister organisation, Solitree Music, will have some tracks played over the air, too.

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